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Welcome to ORLANDO FL

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Welcome to OrlandoFL!
As the city continues to grow, we must find bigger an better ways to meet, share, and celebrate together. This community journal is dedicated to supplying Orlando's LJ members with an all-encompassing source for news, concert & event updates, as well as a place to meet new people.

We strongly encourage our Orlando members to post their thoughts, opinions, images, and anything else Orlando Community-relevant.

NEW!! Membership Rules

Due to recent SPAM-fests, this community now requires moderated membership requests. For the most part, membership requests will be granted. We are only going to check to make sure you are a real person, not a spambot. If you look suspicious however (i.e. brand new account, no userinfo page, no postings, no friends but member of LOTS of communities etc..) we may reject your request. If this happens, and you think unfairly- send a message to the moderators and plead your case.

Ground Rules for posting:

1. NO SPAM. If you are posting crap that is useless and irrelevant, it will be removed without warning.
2. If you continue to spam, you will be banned from the community, however- this is not a dictatorship and we are benevolent and kind leaders, and this is also America, so you get 1 warning to conform your behavior. if you still can't play nice, then we kick you out.
3. Tags are encouraged! it's an easy (and fun!) way for people to find back-posts and to help easily sort relevant questions. Tagging also requires maturity, so if you can't handle the responsibility of making sure that "cheese" isn't the tag for something about "weather" then just don't do it.
4. There's a little miracle created by the LJ Gods that they like to call the LJ-cut. If you are going to tell us your life story (which is not being discouraged, btw) or you want to share all of your photos from a recent vacay at the beach, go for it- but PUT IT UNDER A CUT, please. It's more like Christmas morning that way, like opening a little present, and nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than doing a quick clicky-clicky to see what you've kindly and thoughtfully cut.
5. Images that are posted are all-good-in-the-hood and are for-shiznit acceptable (as long as they are not deemed heinously offensive by more than 2 Supreme Court Justices) but please make sure they are not HUGE. Let's try to keep the size of images to a size that is reasonable. This is, of course, subjective and Mods are entitled to request you to put it behind a cut or shrink it down.
6. we're still feeling the aftershocks of the whole "political correctness" thing, so here's the deal: there is always a way to communicate your message in a less-offensive way, unless you are Andrew Dice Clay, and then there just isn't. bottom line is do unto others as you would want done to you and all that other stuff your mother taught you. play nice, kids. Flame wars are funny for almost everyone but the person getting flamed, so proceed with caution, Karma is a bitch.

Want to get banned?? Here's how:
Complaints of abusive language by one user against another will be investigated. Posts and comments will be screened, as necessary, until the issue has been resolved, which can, and may, result in banning of offending members.
Also, don't bring your DRAHMA from another comm here. Don't use information you gained from a personal journal to cause harm to a user in this public forum. This can, and may, result in banning.

Community Moderators tronochick, irinacita and geminigirl are here between normal people waking and sleeping hours and are happy to answer any and all questions, comments, or concerns. Send any or all of us a message and we'll try to sort out the boggle. Thanks!

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